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At West Fork Bookkeeping, our focus is to provide entrepreneurs, small, and medium sized companies quality bookkeeping and payroll services.  We understand the importance of accurate records for your company's growth and success.  Our services are customized to your individual business needs, as you are our top priority, and we are dedicated to help you succeed.    

Running a business is hard work, and you are often pulled in so many different directions that bookkeeping may not be a top priority.  So many things can go wrong or unnoticed with your business finances, and we can help by managing your records.  By working with professionals, you can put aside your worries, and get back to running your business.



A little about our company.


West Fork Bookkeeping was formed in June of 2017.  We are located near Avalanche, Wisconsin.  In this rural setting, we are fortunate in that we have such a breathtaking landscape, with each season offering a unique picture of beauty.  Why not name the company Avalanche Bookkeeping?  Considerations had been taken of doing just that.  However, little remains of the tiny unincorporated community of Avalanche.  The West Fork of the Kickapoo River runs through this tiny community, and presents great flooding hazards, and has been the demise of the community itself.  While, the future of Avalanche remains uncertain, the river should always remain.  


Words from the owner- Jaime Hendrickson



Taking the reins, and starting a new business was a difficult decision to make, but a decision I have not regretted for a moment. After years of working as a staff accountant in a public accounting firm, it was time to venture out on my own. My focus would be on the areas of accounting I enjoyed most, bookkeeping and payroll.

I possess a Degree in Accounting, and am currently an advisor with several different accounting software products. I provide services to micro to medium sized businesses, taking on both short and long term projects.  Continually educating ourselves, is a means to ensure we are giving the best service possible. Staying up to date with changes in laws, technology, and customer needs can be challenging at times, but is a necessity when you are offering quality services.


Fun tidbits about me:

▪️ Prior to accounting, I worked in healthcare. The majority of my time was spent in assisted living, with the developmentally disabled population.

▪️ I am a 41 year old grandmother of three. 

▪️ I have one daughter (24), and one stepdaughter (16).

▪️ I love flowers, trees, pets, and autumn. (Family & friends are a given)











We are proud members of 

Treasurer: Westby Chamber of Commerce

Treasurer: Viroqua Bark Park Committee Member

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